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The Wedding Dress

Tulle, silk, and satin are the threads that dress dreams. For over 100 years the white wedding dress has been an iconic image of innocent hopefulness for a prosperous life.. A gown woven over the years with equal parts royal bearing, coy femininity and joyful promise has its roots in centuries of fashion history.

Illustrations of fashion history juxtaposed with photographs of contemporary fashions show the inspirations behind classic design details. Historical tales of commerce and communication explain how the news of fashion and the fashionable influenced trends.

A peak behind the scenes of design studios illustrate the designers’ perspectives and describe the elaborate construction techniques of a couture gown, noting that the future of hand crafted garments may rest with the desire for a traditional wedding gown.

A reflection of history and design are followed by practical guidelines on how to choose the right wedding gown. Shopping tips, fitting basics, style advice, and valuable sources are included.