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Photo © Ross Whitaker

Barn Door Entryway

Rustic and cozy, a weathered barn is an appealing location for a fall wedding. Dress up the entry-way with a carpet of straw, muslin curtains, a six-foot-wide straw wreath, and a colonnade of pillar candles wrapped in sheaves of wheat. Use tall glass hurricanes to protect flames or opt for battery-operated candles for extra safety.


2-3 bales of straw
Roll of muslin fabric:
Staple gun
Coarse, natural rope
Iron candle stands
Bale of wheat
Candles and tall glass hurricanes

Tip: Measure opening of doorway. Calculate an extra four feet in length to allow for swaging and puddling the fabric. If the entryway is extra-wide, staple two lengths of muslin together to quickly create the right width of fabric for one panel.