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Party Basics for New Nesters

Newlyweds, new homeowners, new empty-nesters - every homebody needs to know how to celebrate life at home. Begin with feathering your nest as if you were decorating a comfortable resort. Create a haven, stocked with amenities, that you never want to leave. Stock your home with basic supplies, utilizing the resources around you, and you’ll find it easy to celebrate life on holidays or any day.

With page after page of practical basics and style recipes, this book makes celebrating every season easy to do. I recommend stocking a party-ready pantry because creating any event from scratch is always more daunting. I define basic tools, supplies and simple skills that will help you host your next party.

I encourage everyone to recycle, repurpose, reuse and rejoice. Party Basics for New Nesters is a party-planning guide that shows you how to celebrate your life with practical tips and simple-to-execute decorative accents.